Versatile Nail Polish Colors
5 Must-Have Versatile Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish colors are beauty products intended to decorate the nails. For today’s supermodels, fashion gurus, and professionals, coating their nails is just as essential as putting on a shirt. On the flip side, some value the chic and sophistication that these colors bring to their appearance. Even if you’re not considered a fashionista, you’ll need to go for the right set to colors to match any look.


Nail Polish Colors for Any Occasion

While trendy nail colors tend to come and go, there are shades you’ll need to have in your beauty kit. If you’re scared to spend too much on nail polish, there’s good news: you don’t have to buy a bunch of them!

In fact, here are 5 versatile nail colors that can do the trick for any style:

Rose (Red)

Red nail polish

Are you planning to go out on a date this evening? A rosy red nail polish is a perfect coat for your nails. Red boosts the confidence and power of any woman. Even with a pair of sweat pants, having red nails will show off your female side. A daring yet classy color, this red lacquer brings out the best lady in you.


Night (Black)

Black nail polish

Similar to keeping that nice looking black dress in your closet, this black lacquer is essential for your nails. But please take note: this particular finish could end up being chaotic when not properly used. Use this color for a black French tip influence or for a Gothic appearance. Never hold back on using this color for nail art.


Winter (White)

White nail polish

White is perfect for French tips — as what most nail fanatics would say. But the truth is, the versatility of such white nail polish colors gives it a bit of an edge when it comes to nail art since it’s a commonly used base color for any nail design. It’s advisable to keep a white nail polish in your set to match it with other nail colors. Later on, you’ll realize that white will never be  boring or dull color.


Flamingo (Pink)

Pink nail polish

Hovering between the white and red, pink offers the best that both worlds can offer — a big reason why this color is worth keeping. This hue adds a playful aspect to your persona. So if you have any intention of taking a long road trip, then pink is a no-brainer. It’s advisable to settle for the right shade of pink that matches your skin tone. Give it a go and see for yourself!


Nude (Beige)

Nude nail polish

This “naked” color isn’t what you’d normally assume. This “nude” color is actually beige that enhances your professional appearance. As they take soak in skin color, they’re considered to be polish colors running on “stealth mode.” It would seem as if their appearance is barely there.

With a plethora of nail colors coming out just about every few weeks, having your own standard nail polish in your collection is an excellent means to quickly choose the proper nail finish. It’s important to understand that you can always be daring and give new colors a try. Never be afraid to give new shades a try. You’ll never know, you might end up being impressed with new nail polish colors.